I use since several years the “torpedo CAB”, live as in studio… It is now part of my rig 100% and I have never had such good sounds with an amp! Thank you Two notes !

Djul starts the guitar at the age of 9 with his uncle and father both passionate guitarists …

Entirely self-taught, he is impregnated by his guitarists and his favorite bands (Jimi hendrix, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Pat Metheny, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Toto, Police, and many others …).
He works his instrument constantly and forms with 4 friends his first group in
1997 at the age of 19: Raspberry Jam, Cover’s band of Rock of the 90 ‘with which it will make about 150 concerts.

In 2001, he participated (with some members of Raspberry Jam as well as Jean Jacques Milteau and Jean Yves Lozach) to the album of an American country singer, Kate. They will record at the Marcadet studio in Paris.

In 2002, he joined the group tchoo-tcha, gypsy music, with which he will make about 30 concerts.

In 2003, he worked with the accordionist Daniel Vacheresse in a traditional music style, and will spend two weeks touring Finland and Holland as well as some concerts in France.

Also in 2003, he was part of the INUENDO group (rock metal), which until now is one of his main projects. 2 albums & 50 concerts.

In 2005, he formed the group LODEN, acoustic rock, Irish, traditional music, with a percussionist and violinist. An album: “Sand is running through my hand”.

In 2005, he joined the Reggae HELDERS FAMILY with which he will perform the first part of Alpha Blondy at the Musico’pluriel festival in Charnay.

In 2007, he became the lead guitarist of ALPHA BLONDY’s “SOLAR SYSTEM” and toured the world.

In 2010 one of his projects finally saw the light: NUDJE, pop rock group, with the release of the first EP: “The Inside”. He composes, records, mixes and masterizes this album.

In 2012, he works with the singer JOE BEL with hip hop folk influences.

In December 2013, release of his solo album “Out of Bounds”, signed by the New York label Grooveyard Record, fruit of 2 years of work. Album entirely produced in his own studio “LM STUDIO”.

In 2014, he replaces the guitarist Christophe Godin of the group GNô.
The fourth album of this band Metal / pop was released in November 2016, “Sick Princess” disseminated by Season-of-mist. Recorded and mixed in his studio.

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