‘I tried the Torpedo Live through a couple of different cabinets and microphones to find the ones that really spoke to me and I’m absolutely blown away, how well the Torpedo handles it and how great it sounds and I think you’re really going to appreciate it as well.’ – Joey  Landreth

Joey Landreth probably scratched the strings of a guitar before even learning to walk. His dad was a touring musician and his first recallable memory as a human being was that he wanted to be a musician and play like his dad.

Joey and his older brother David attended their father’s bar gigs as babies.

“Mom would take us in the bassinet and stick us under the bar tables, and we’d fall asleep, dad was a working musician who backed up people like Amos Garrett, but his love was always songwriting. He’d play three or four sets at those bars, so we’d be at the gigs all night.”

Joey  Landreth was working as a sideman through his teens and early twenties, he grew up on the road, playing music across genres from gospel to country. At twenty-five, Joey joined forces with his brother as they worked on their first independent project The Bros.Landreth (Canadian alternative country and folk music).

The band won several awards including a JUNO for their first record ‘Let it Lie’ and turned heads of musical heavy-weights such as Bonnie Raitt, John Oates, and Jimmie Vaughan.

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