Jack Gardiner

Jack Gardiner (born August 26, 1993) is a rising professional musician/guitarist based in Liverpool, U.K. and Switzerland. Jack first started playing and teaching professionally at the age of 15, playing with popular Rap and RnB artists (KOF/Janice Myers) in large capacity venues and live on BBC Radio One Live Lounge at Maida Vale Studios.At 16, with a high level of technical proficiency and live-gigging experience already under his belt, Jack began taking lessons from world-renowned fusion guitarist Tom Quayle, which shaped his style and sound significantly. Since then, Jack has built up a fan base across his social media channels and has been invited to perform at trade shows and conduct masterclasses and clinics across the globe (MMI, ITA & Portavella Guitar Camp, ESP alongside Guthrie Govan).

In 2017, Stu Hamm (Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Allan Holdsworth) approached Jack to play guitar for his Greatest Hits Tour EU alongside Craig Blundell (Steven Wilson). During the same year, 80’s Pop/Rock Band, China Crisis approached Jack to take up guitar duties as a permanent member of the group.

Now at 26, Jack has continued to hone his formidable technique and sophisticated style and maintains a busy schedule touring extensively across U.K. and Europe. Currently, he is collaborating with a number of gear companies and is actively teaching many pupils from across the globe and via his website’s lesson packages.

Jack is currently working on his debut solo release  and is working with a number of artists for various projects. Guthrie Govan said of Jack,

A quick search on YouTube will unearth a plethora of young guitarists with great technique and Jack is certainly a young guitarist with great technique. What sets him apart from so many of his contemporaries, however, is his innate musicality and also his abundance of experience as a live performer in the “real world”. … a guitar player who can offer technical facility and musicality in equal measure. – Guthrie Govan

Jack uses the Torpedo ReLoad in his studio… “The Two Notes Topredo Reload makes recording big loud amps from home easy. I would love to crank up my tube amps and stick a couple of microphones in front of them, but in reality, I’d be faced with a polite knock on the door from our neighbours within a couple of minutes – the Swiss are super-efficient! The Reload eliminates this problem and it also creates some nice tonal options. I really like the feel of an amp pushing air in a room and it actually can massively affect the way I play! By blending the real cab sound in the room (at much quieter volumes) with the recorded out, I just feel that little bit more comfortable in my playing – plus it saves both my ears and my neighbours! Win-win!”


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