Using the Torpedo Live

As a guitarist, Thordendal draws attention with his clean, complex lead-playing, inspired by jazz fusion guitarist Allan Holdsworth, and complex rhythm-playing featuring prominent polymetric passages.

These characteristics are augmented by his use of seven and eight-string guitars. Thordendal’s lead work is among the most sophisticated in metal.

Meshuggah’s watershed 1995 album introduced the fractal polyrhythms that the band is still refining today,

Various members of the band coined the term “Djent” in reference to a commonly-utilized technique of playing heavily muted, extended powerchords found within Meshuggah’s music along with a masterclass in polyrhythmic phrases commonly associated with the band.

Fredrik has been quoted as stating that Metallica and Tool as influences on Meshuggah. Interestingly, Meshuggah supported Tool during their U.S. tour in the fall of 2002, where drummer Tomas Haake even guest appearing, playing “Triad” with the band.

Fredrik praises jazz fusion guitarist Wayne Krantz’s work with Keith Carlock and Tim Lefebvre, stating that “these guys are the most inspiring band I’ve heard in a very long time”. He has also stated that he listens to Massive Attack and Cult of Luna.

He also made a contribution towards the soundtrack to the computer game Wolfenstein: The New Order which was released worldwide on May 20, 2014.

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