What I like about Two notes is that all their products have been able to respond to problems that I have encountered for a long time as a musician, whether live or in studio, and allow me to offer in all circumstances a sound of the highest quality possible.

Born in 1977 into a family of musicians, Frédéric Patte-Brasseur is a passionate and demanding guitarist.

After studying classical music for many years, the shock of discovering the music of Metallica decides to learn the electric guitar self-taught, at the same time he takes a passion for music Metal.

He made his debut in local groups of Rock and Metal.

In 2000, he took part in the internet adventure by joining the site www.toutpourlamusique.com, pioneering site of music for musicians, where he takes care of the entire section of the guitars under the pseudonym “Guitaremaster” ( like “webmaster guitar”).

In 2001, he joined the group of extreme Doom / Death French Ataraxie, with which he has since recorded many albums and shot to the four corners of Europe.

In 2003, he co-founded the group Doom Extreme Funeralium, with which he toured, recorded, and was also involved in the group’s productions.

In 2004, he joined the band Wormfood (Avariété Française), with which he collaborated until 2009, and recorded two albums.

In 2014, he joined Stabwound, an old school Death Metal band for whom he recorded the single “Devoured” and the band’s first studio album.

In 2015, he also became the live guitarist of the Doom / Black metal band Mourning Dawn.

In parallel, he became a tester for Audiofanzine (since 2006), and also collaborates with the magazine Guitare Extreme (2010-2011).

He has been using Two Notes since the release of the Torpedo VB-101 in 2009. In addition to allowing him to record in his home studio at any time and without disturbing the neighborhood, the Torpedo Studio allows him to keep full control of his his stage sound, while saving him a lot of time during scales and shelf changes.

Since the release of Two Notes preamps, it has also been conceived a Flight Rig offering him the same control as his “regular” scene system by combining the Lead Torpedo C.A.B.

Enfin, il utilise énormément les fonctionnalités de son Torpedo Reload, que cela soit comme loadbox, D.I. ou boitier de réamping.

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