A multifaceted musician, Didier Chesneau is both a composer and a guitarist, sound engineer and director. He is also the owner of the MII Recording Studio.

He learns music with the saxophone, but turns quickly to the guitar he becomes hooked after hearing Van Halen’s Eruption .

First self-taught, it’s with Nils Aziosmanoff then with Charles Raynal (Berklee College) that he works technical and harmony. The doors of Parisian studios opened thanks to Nils and while studying as a sound engineer, he regularly provides studio sessions and the accompaniment of artists on stage.

In 1994, he met Sylvie Grare in the studio, they auditioned musicians and formed in 1994 the group Headline which quickly chained the events, Midem, winners of the “Tremplin International du Salon de la Musique”, festival “Cannes Musique Passion” … And three years later produced his first album: “Escape”. At the same time, he runs two music schools in central France and organizes various master classes with Patrick Rondat, Jean-Claude Rapin, Pascal Mulot, Sébastien Choir …

1999 saw the release of the second opus of the group, “Voices of Presence”, followed by French tours, “Printemps de Bourges”, showcases, concerts alongside Dream Theater, Stratovarius, Vanden Plas, Rhapsody, 2nd and 5th “Best French bands” according to the readership of the music and metal press.

At the end of 2002, their new album “Duality”, earned them the name of “Best French band” and the clip “Exorcice Me”, the name of “Metal video clip of the year” thanks to the audience MCM / Hard Rock Mag.

The gates of Europe open and we find Headline alongside Evergrey, After Forever, Hirson festival, trophies “hard rock” broadcast on MCM, showcases acoustic …

The year 2003 will end with the openings for the American band Symphony X which will take them from Amsterdam to Grenada across Europe. The Duality promo ends in early 2004 with the headline of the “Tournai Prog Event Festival” in Belgium.

Meanwhile Didier Chesneau multiplies productions and participations to countless projects: “Ritchie Blackmore Tribute”, “Bass Attitudes”, “Métisse” (musical comedy), “Shooting Star” …

At the end of 2004, along with Mr. Aurore Gotta (Johnny Hallyday, Pierre Bachelet …), he composed the soundtrack for “The Legend of the Unicorn”, a musical show produced by “Mythic Warriors”.

In 2007, he became the musical and technical director of the troupe, and other “light and sound” shows were created, The Tournament of Providence, Euphelie and the Wolves, The Brown Alliance.

In 2011, he created a new recording structure, MII Recording Studio, produced many artists: Asylum Pyre, ADX, The Ventura, Milydian, Magic Kingdom, Invictus, Iron Mask …

And hit the road with Headline in 2013 with a new album, “Beyond The Headline”.

In 2016 he meets Constance Amelane, and some time later they begin to record, “without a goal, to see what was going to happen”, and over the course of time, step by step, musician friends came to bring grist to the mill , a riff here, a bass, a text over there and “the group was constituted like that”.

A mix of Rock, Metal, Prog, Pop … “Rock, a little edgy, but accessible”, they choose a name that refers on one side to spirituality and another to rationality and all of that gives birth to “Attraction Theory”.

A first EP released late December 20017 named “Principia”, six catchy titles, mixing questions and internal search, both impacting and light, imposing but transparent, dark and clear, that represent the alchemy of “Attraction Theory” that is at once easy to access while keeping a form of elitism in the art of composition and arrangements.

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