‘The consistency from the Torpedo Live is super important. At our level, the profession requires something you can count on and trust every night.’ – Devin Townsend

This mad scientist combines several different genres to give birth to a ‘Heavy’ music, described only as eclectic, innovative and surprising. Every album of the awesome Canadian is a chapter in his unique work, each time representative of the atmosphere of a certain period of his life.

Influenced by the bands of the 70s, he mixes styles to renew his music and explore new horizons.

A highly creative musician and perfectionist, Devin Townsend has stood out for years for his ability to experiment and create a dense and rich sound, stacking the instrumental layers to create ever-changing atmospheres.

After a break due to the birth of his son Reyner, and despite his statements on his flush the bowl of the music industry and his need to step back, he was back in 2007 with ‘Ziltoid The Omniscient’, an album solo in the bowed concept.

Devin Townsend became known in 1993 when ‘guitar hero’ Steve Vai chose him as a singer on the ‘Sex and Religion’ album as well as for the ensuing world tour. Nineteen-year-old from Vancouver, this is a great opportunity for a young musician demarcating at the time the labels with the demo of his band ‘Noisescapes’. In 1995, he began working solo on the ‘Strapping Young Lad’ project. He received the reinforcement of drummer Adrian White on the album ‘Heavy as a Really Heavy Thing’ as well as on the parodic pop-punk album ‘Cooked on Phonics’ recorded under the name ‘Punky Brüster’.

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