The Torpedo has blown the lid off of conventional guitar recording.

I can get a sick tone miking up one of my personal 4×12 cabs, and then capture the cabinet sound into the torpedo and have it forever.

I can also use any of the stock or aftermarket IR’s to really go exploring. It unlocks the doors to doing things that just arent possible in real life. Like running your Marshall head at 16 ohms into a 8 ohm Mesa Boogie 4×12 cab.Plug into the torpedo and you can use the mesa 4×12 IR. It’s so sick.

Beau Burchell is an American musician, record producer, and audio engineer from Orange County, California.

He currently plays guitar and sings backup vocals in the band Saosin, and was previously in the bands Kosmos Express and Open Hand. Also a prolific producer, he has been credited on over thirty albums.

He also owns the record label Death Do Us Part.

Producer, Mixer – Saosin, Moose Blood, Senses Fail, The Bronx, 888, Underoath, The Enemy UK.

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