Aymeric Silvert is a French artist. He grew up with a lot of music around him. He first hit the drums but quickly fell in love with the guitar.

He became a professional musician at 22.

His insane schedule allowed him to be a session player, a tour addict and a guitar teacher.

He is a strong composer and producer. His first album “guilty” (2010) is a summery of all his influences. His playing is inspired by the greatest Guitar-heroes and the finest songwriters.

Aymeric plays MusicMan (USA) guitars and Ernie Ball strings. He plays Engine Pickups (he also have a his signature humbucker).

He plays with the greatest musicians like Steve Lukather, Ron « BUMBLEFOOT » Thal (G’N’R), Guthrie Govan, Christophe Godin…

When you hear his music, you instantly leave the ground and make an incredible trip in a very eclectic landscape full of emotions.

If you like the guitar and Rock , Blues influenced with all its subtleties, you’ll probably really like his music.

Aymeric’s new album «I’m Back» (2015) is very well produced. The 2016-2017 tour will be huge. Come and see him live!

« …Take a breath and listen: You’re alive!… »

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