Acle Kahney has been playing guitar since an early age and is the brainchild of the progressive rock and metal band TesseracT.

Writing with a unique rhythmic style, a clean sound and etheral soundscapes has given TesseracT its incomparable sound.

Acle also runs “4D Sounds” a studio which produced TesseracT’s album “One” along with many other bands in the genre.

“One” is a perfect balance between violent polyrhythms and progressive parts, usually atmospheric.

Tesseract is the alloy that comes close to the perfection, enhanced by the seamless performance of singer Daniel Tompkins.

Tesseract plays a specific style of progressive metal which often features polyrhythmic riffs and odd time signatures, and several atmospheric layers. They also include a mid-range sounding distorted guitar tone and melodic clean passages heavily influenced by ambient music.They also play in the style of the subgenre djent pioneered by Meshuggah and SikTh.

The vocal style of the band has seen a considerable shift. On One, Daniel Tompkins employed a mixture of clean and harsh vocals, with an emphasis on long, drawn out notes. However, Ashe O’Hara’s performances on Altered State dropped the harsh vocals entirely in favour of a more melodic style, with an emphasis on strong melodic “hooks”.

In an interview with Metalspree, Ashe stated, “…right now, being ourselves is to have purely melodic vocals. With ‘One’ they felt they had to have harsh vocals in order to be accepted by the community. But, they’ve never really wanted to be that type of band.

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